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Valeri Loves Brad

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for today. Please Guide our footsteps through out the remainder of the day. Watch over us. Draw us closer to you. Protect us from harm; By shielding us from the enemy. Lord Jesus, I come to you this morning in prayer, asking you to please teach Brad and I how to hear your voice. We want to be able to recognize your voice, when you speak to us. We ask that you show us the right way to hear from you. I ask that you would Quicken our spirits, and Soften our hearts, in order to receive your divine message. Will you please motivate us through your divine strength, endurance, and stamina. Can you give us clarity. Will you help us to remain focused. I ask that you would also renew our minds, bodies, and spirits. I pray that you will help us to understand the proper way, in which you speak to us. Thank you for Teaching us how we can hear from you. I ask for wise discernment of your word, people, and circumstances in our lives. Grant us divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Fill us with the desire to know the truth. Help us discern what the truth is. Silence all the unnecessary babbles in the back ground. Show us ways we can tune it out; And concentrate on You. Thank you for removing all the static interference; that is preventing us from hearing from you. Will you please provide us with the supernatural strength that we need; in order to resist temptation. Will you keep us from stumbling. Prevent us from committing sins. Because we both know that sin distances us from you. Thank you for not allowing us to fall into a sinful lifestyle. Make us conscious of our thoughts and actions; because sin weakens our spirit; And it hinders your voice. May we engage only in activities that glorify you. Teach us how we can make hearing from you a way of life. A Part of our daily routines. Remind us to make it a priority. Help us pursue it; through the study of your word, and in the scriptures. May we both be sincere, and persistent in our efforts. Will you put it upon our hearts to pray for revelation from you, on a daily basis. Please help us grow spiritually. So we will have Humble, Attentive, submissive Teachable, and an Anticipative spirits. Thank you for Inclining our ears; And Helping us take the time out to concentrate. Let us be still; and know that you are God. I pray that you will help us keep your word, in the midst of our hearts. For your words are life, to those who find it; As well as, health to their bodies; According to your word in proverbs. Thank you for helping us manage our time today; So we can meditate on your word. Thank you for leading us to the scriptures, that You want us to focus on; Thank you for making us both obedient servants for your kingdom. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you. Lord Jesus, I ask all the things in your precious name Amen

Thank you for helping Brad and I hear your voice.

Received: February 13, 2020

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