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Last week, Nicholas was diagnosed with Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, which is a disorder of sight due to the eye and brain not working well together. He is so farsighted in that one eye that the light reflects behind and so the brain shuts off the signal to that eye all together. The eye which provides the brain with a clearer image picks up the slack for both eyes. His good eye has perfect vision. The image in the other eye is blurred so his sight in that eye is just a blurry blob pretty much. We were told about this when he was in elementary school but that doctor we took him to then told us there was nothing we could do. He just told Nick to wear glasses to protect his good eye. Well I decided since Nick is ready to drive and it has been a good amount of years that maybe taking him for another check up at a different doctor may be worth a shot. The new doctor told us the same thing as the original doctor that in Nicks case that protecting his good eye is the number one priority but if Nick wanted to try, the only treatment that may do anything for him is a treatment which forces the child to use the weaker eye by either using a patch or putting atropine in the stronger eye. They told us usually after age 7 you cannot retrain the brain to use the eye correctly but the doctor did have a case of a 12 year old doing the patches aggressively and seeing some sight improvement. He said he did not want to give us false hope that it is a rare case for it to work after age 7 but that if Nick wanted to try that aggressive patching that we should try it and he will see us back in 3 months to see if there is any improvement at all and go from there. I am asking for you all to come in agreement for Nicks healing in his eye that not only will his vision improve but that it will be restored 100%! I know my God is a God of miracles and He has no limits. Please keep Nick in your prayers. God bless you all!

Received: June 21, 2019

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