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Ana Marie

Please pray for Rebecca! She’s a Teacher in my school and a good friend of mine.

Below is her post:

All well wishes and prayers gladly accepted! I spoke to my doctor today and, after talking to my “list,” I’m ready to share. The news was not great. I’m at almost 60% on my BCR-ABL1. This means my CML is resisting the Tasigna. We will continue until Jan. 21st. If the next blood draw does not show a decrease, I will be switched to the last drug available—-FOR NOW. There’s always research and new drugs coming out. I am unable to take the final drug currently available due to family history of heart disease (including my father who died this week due to a heart attack). This means when I switch to Bousulif, I begin talking to a transplant team. The problem with a bone marrow transplant is available donors, the risks to suppressing your immune system, and success rates. I could end still needing a TKI (oral chemo) after the transplant. So...

Received: January 3, 2020

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jaisa Mullins

I have a customer who is going through a hardship. she is getting a divorce after 27yrs and she was diagnosed with Chron's Disease. She knows God but she is struggling right now. Please lift her up.

Received: December 4, 2019

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