Enjoy Service from the Parking Lot.

On Sundays at 10am we are offering a parking lot church experience.

We are complying with the Federal and State guidelines on social distancing but we felt the need to at least come together in our cars on Sunday mornings. We have seen a great response to this option for those who want to attend. For those who do not wish to attend or are at risk for health problems due to the virus, we are also live streaming our parking lot services on facebook page or here on our website.
If you wish to attend parking lot service, some things to consider.
  • You must remain in your vehicle during the service. We will have parking lot attendees that will direct people into and out of the parking lot.
  • There are no bathrooms available during the service. Due to keeping social distances we are closing off the building to everyone except those few that are necessary to operation of the church service (Under 10 people).
  • Due to the close proximity of residential areas, we ask that you do not honk your horns during the service. We are doing the best we can to respect the noise level for those who live close by.
All things considered, we would love to see as many people as we could in attendance in the parking lot.