Destiny Church is a place where people can come with their suspicions and their questions to get answers without fear or intimidation. It is a place where value and emphasis is placed on the power of worship and praise. At Destiny, we want to develop confidence in people, knowing who they are in Christ, equipping them to stand firmly in their faith and propelling them into the purpose God has for them.
At Destiny Church, people in all age groups are considered important to the vision of God. In a lot of ways we feel children and teenagers are the most important because they are the future. 85% of people who make a decision for Jesus do so before age 20. This means it is vital that we engage this up-and-coming generation with the message of Jesus Christ and get them connected to the body of Christ and the purpose for their lives.
Here at Destiny Church, we believe in the power of personal relationships between people in the body of Christ. We believe that the family of God is only as strong as the relationships we have that hold us together. We have a strong conviction in the power of small groups (life groups as we call them). We are convinced we will grow larger as we strive to grow “smaller”. Our vision here at Destiny isn’t 20/20. It is 5000/300. We believe God will grow Destiny Church to 5000 members weekly across multiple campuses or church plants and 300 life groups from state line to state line.

Senior Pastors, Chris and Patti McCall
Pastor Chris McCall has been living on the MS Gulfcoast for 30+ years. He was an Evangelist that traveled for many years and God sent him here from Tulsa, OK to preach the gospel here on the coast. He is the Senior/Founding Pastor of Destiny Church along with his wife Patti and his 2 children.
This couple has a heart for the MS Gulf Coast unlike anyone. They love the people here and believe with all their heart that God placed them here to help them. 

Associate Pastors, Matt and Jessica Goldberg
Matt and Jessica have been members of Destiny Church for over 14+ years and have been Pastors for 10 of those years. They have two wonderful children. Their daughter Adalyn is 7 years old and their son Ethan is 2 years old. These two have a real heart for people and for Destiny Church. The people of Destiny are as much their family as anyone else. They love people and want to see them grow into who they are called to be in Jesus Christ.
Along with assisting the Senior Pastors, they also lead our Destiny Youth ministry as well. They have a heart to see the next generation discover their identity and step up to call of being disciples of Jesus Christ!
We have a statement at Destiny that describes our purpose as a family of faith. It is simply this:“We exist to make a personal connection, to teach a practical message, and a passionate life for Jesus Christ.” Everything that we do here at Destiny is summed up by the 3 “P’s” in that statement.
We are PersonalWe have a conviction to make anyone and everyone that comes through our doors feel welcomed and included into the family. We believe in God’s redemptive power to transform lives, no matter how dark their past might be. Everything we do is aimed at caring for each individual in the body and to connect with them personally. This is why life groups are so vitally important to us. Through our life groups, we have an avenue to grow closer and experience life “together”. These groups play a pivotal role in helping us to mature in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We are PracticalWe believe in the power of simplicity. The gospel was intended to be simple (not always easy) so that anyone can grab hold of its life changing power. It is through practical teaching that people will understand the truth of God’s Word and apply it to their lives. We have a growth track here called “The Journey with Destiny.” This track leads people through important steps (or squares as we call them) in their growth.
We are PassionateAt Destiny, we want to see every person a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. We believe that every person has a part to play and a place to serve. We don’t stress membership here, rather we stress ownership. We want people to get lit on fire for Jesus Christ and take ownership of their part and go “all-in” in their service of Jesus Christ!