Senior Pastor’s Story

Life for many people just does not really even get a fair chance even before it begins. Starting my life with some pretty uncontrollable circumstances it would serve to set the stage for the rest of my life.

My mother considering abortion, growing up in a broken home, not knowing who my father is, missing that role model for my life. Are we not seeing the results even today of a fatherless generation expected to grow up & become productive men in society? Well as you can already begin to imagine, this all helped to initiate the confusion my life was to be cluttered with in the future.

My Prison ID
PrisonIDMy life began to take some drastic turns early on. I began playing sex with a teenage girl at 8 years old. This started me very early recognizing the connection between guys and girls. So sex became a major part of my life from that point on. Experimenting with mom and step-dad’s liquor while they were out on the weekends started my addiction to alcohol at around age 8. Then at approximately 12 years old I can still remember being in the 6th grade and a friend of mine rode up on his motorcycle after school and said, “let’s go for a ride.” With eagerness I accepted. After we rode awhile we stopped to take a break. This was another major turning point in my life. He pulled out a joint of pot and said, “your going to love this.” I am sure others that will read this story will have heard those words one time or another. As we began to share this experience with one another little did I know it was helping set the stage for the greatest nightmare any young man would never want to go through if at all possible!

This began my life as a drug addict. I remember telling some of my friends at school, “I will never touch anything else, only marijuana.” Little did I know that I was trying to fill an emptiness with something that could never fill it up. My habit went from weekend parties to full time drug user and seller. I graduated from just smoking pot to coke, LSD, & then to shooting some drugs as well. It is amazing how many parents don’t know what is going on in their back yard while their daughters are having a slumber party out in a tent. I done plenty of drugs & drank a lot of beer right in the house where someone was babysitting on a Friday night. Just a word of advice for those parents that think they can trust that sweet innocent 16 year old daughter to stay at home on the weekend while mom & dad go out of town, I would not throw that kind of pressure or responsibility on them.

This lifestyle led me to a lot of different places in my life between age 12 and age 18. Rock concerts, bars, wild parties, juvenile reformatory and eventually prison.

I want to share with you how these things were just steps to lead my life on a very destructive path. My life in the crime scene started at about 14 years old to support the habits I had created. “You know one thing I learned was that to play the game in the world there is know age limit, everyone pays if they want to play.” So to be able to buy drugs and attend parties I had to make money somehow.

Some of the guys that I began to hang out with had the same desires to smoke dope, drink beer, & have sex anytime possible. This led us to began stealing to support our habits. Stealing took place from our own families, to schools, or any other type facility that may have money or vending machines that would have money in them. As with anything else it went from petty to then beginning to do houses & more serious businesses. Car stereo’s, CB radio’s were among the various things that we could turn into money pretty quick. It is amazing how many adults there are out there that are ready to buy stolen property from kids knowing they are supporting their drug & alcohol addictions.

At age 15 I was arrested for robbery and sent to my first stretch in the juvenile system. I was sentenced to Taft School for Juveniles in Oklahoma. I attempted several times to escape. Each time I found myself locked in a room that was considered solitary confinement. The room had no beds in it. There were as many as 4 or 5 in there together & we would sleep on the floor. We were fed in there every meal. The normal stay was for 5 days. Well after several attempts and time spent in solitary confinement I managed to escape with another guy & two girls. That was not the place I wanted to be. I stayed on the run for a year and a half. After being on the run I was finally arrested again, this led me to the bigger reformatory and more escapes and more time spent in solitary confinement.

TreesThe tree I hit
I recall a night not to long before going to prison that I was in a house that was being used for a continuous party night and day. There was everything the mind can imagine going on in that place; sex to alcohol, to drugs, to fighting and stealing. It was one evening after a beer run, stealing case after case until we had it stacked to the ceiling in the kitchen. Then scoring some drugs to get high we thought we were set for the night. I was setting in a chair just gazing and thinking that there is really nothing to my life, why should I go on living? Once again I come face to face with the plan of destruction for my life. So I decided I was going to end everything. I went to the bathroom with a 12 pack of beer and shut the door. I found a glass bottle of fingernail polish remover and broke it on the tub and began slicing my wrist. The more I cut the more blood spewed out. I cracked open the door & ask a girl to get me some towels. When she reached out to hand them to me she saw all the blood everywhere & started hollering for someone to help! After bleeding and fighting people that were trying to take me to the hospital, I was finally taken to the emergency room where I was sewn up. The enemy of my life missed a good opportunity but God had other plans still yet.

WreckedTruck2The truck we were driving.
But things didn’t slow down any on this path I was determined to go down to my destruction. We were at the park where everyone hung out and partied. I had taken some acid and was drinking and smoking dope when I decided I wanted some more acid. A good friend took me and another friend to get some more. On the way, we had a major accident. Racing down a side road to get some more acid the right front tire blew out! My friend lost control & we hit one smaller tree & then the big one which destroyed the truck. I was riding on the passenger side of the truck & therefore experienced most of the impact. The windshield came loose from its frame & fell inward which when I was thrown forward it cut my throat. Then my collar bone was broken along with my left wrist. After my leg was finally freed from being crushed between the door & the seat it was discovered that my femor bone was broke in three separate places.This was the horror in my life which left me in ER for 17 hours straight.

Me in traction at the hospital
During this period in the hospital I died twice before I was finally stabilized. I cried out to my grandpa, who was a preacher, “grandpa please don’t let me die!” Afterwards I was then moved to intensive care where I was then being filled with morphine so I could stand the pain when I came out of the drunkenness and doped up condition I came in with. I had stitches in my throat, butt, face, as well as broken bones all over my body. I was messed up.

Hospital1After 2 days in intensive care they put me in a regular room. It was then that someone came in and put a hit of acid under my tongue. I don’t know who did it to this day, but the hospital put a police guard on my room as they thought it was an attempt to kill me. I don’t believe it was in the natural realm, but the enemy in the spiritual realm was doing all he could to destroy me once and for all. The mixture of hospital drugs and street drugs fried my mind. I didn’t sleep for 4 days, with hallucinations and demonic torment on a continuous basis until the last night, it was then that Satan made the move for my soul for eternity. I saw his demonic representative standing before the flames and motioned to me to come to him.

Me in the hospitalHospital2
But I began to cry out for someone to get my Grandpa! My cousin told the nurses to call him. As soon as he got the call he knew what was going on. He called two other preachers to meet him at the hospital. After much time in prayer, deliverance came and I was immediately healed and set free! Not because of my faith or commitment to Christ, because I still was not saved. It was their prayer of faith that got my victory for that moment. After all that Jesus did for me that night I still did not accept Him.

I continued my life of drugs, alcohol and sex. Arrested for burglary once again. I was already out on bond for intimidation of a first degree murder witness waiting for my jury trial & it looked as if I was going to spend the summer in jail. But about this time the devil and I had created enough hell in my life.
I was beginning to soften-to hear God reaching out to my heart.

I didn’t have any money to pay bond to get out. God gave me a bondsman who put up my bond at no cost to me even though I had already been out on bond on another charge. Of course, once I got out everything begin to look different to me. I was not as interested in pursuing anymore about Jesus. Let’s face it, I wasn’t in jail anymore!

My grandma asked me to go to church with her for Easter Sunday. It was the least I could do. I arrived that Easter Sunday at that little old country church with anticipation that this won’t last too long and they won’t bother me anymore for awhile. But little did I know God had different plans.

The service went smooth and now was time for the altar service. As everyone stood, heads bowed and eyes closed, it began to happen; God spoke in my heart so real that it was as though I could hear it with my ears. He said, “You will choose where you will spend eternity before you leave this church today!”

This was spoken to my heart 4 times before I broke and went to the altar and cried out to God and told Him I did not know how to pray and didn’t know for sure if He was for real? But I knew if He was that I was guilty of breaking His Laws & that I would be in danger of eternal judgment!

After praying 30 minutes or so, confessing the sins that I felt so guilty of I was able to receive the forgiveness that I needed. It can’t even be explained in words, but it is truly the greatest thing I have ever experienced in all my life!

I did go to prison even though I had received Jesus while waiting trial, but He was faithful there and I was never alone!

How about you & your story? Do you know how it ends? Do you consider yourself a good person? Let me ask you a couple of questions & I ask you to be very truthful.

Have you ever told a lie? (even a little “white lie”?)

What does that make you? A liar?

Have you ever stolen anything regardless of its value? What does that make you? A thief?

Have you ever looked at a person with lust? Jesus said, If you look at a woman with lust you have already committed Adultery in your heart.

So if you have, what does that mean? You’ve committed adultery?
We have only looked at 3 of the 10 commandments & as you can see you are already in big trouble if you are still in that condition on Judgment Day!

I have good news, Jesus came & took your punishment so you could be guiltless on the day of judgment. He asks that you truly Repent from your sins & turn to God & begin to live in obedience to His Word.

How do you do that? Simply pray something like this from your own heart; Heavenly Father, I have sinned (name what comes to your mind) & I am truly in need of Jesus. Please forgive me & help me to turn away from the sinful things in my life so I can walk after You & your word. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for me so that I could be saved from the wrath that is to come on Judgment Day! Thank you for coming into my life in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Get a bible & begin to read the gospels & that will show you the life of your Savior! Tell someone what Jesus has done in your heart.

If you don’t have a church to call “Home” then we would love to have you come visit with us…