About Us

Destiny Church Vision
It is the Vision of a place where people can come with their suspicions and their questions to get answers without fear or intimidation. A place where they feel that no matter where they are in their life right now, they are loved and appreciated. A place where people will not feel manipulated or pushed to anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

It is the Vision of a place that places ministry to children and teenagers as top priority. This church recognizes the fact that 85% of people that make a decision for Jesus do so before they reach the age of 20. Therefore, it is a church that places its resources where it will get the most results. It is a place where qualified people play and have fun while instilling the principles it takes for kids to make positive choices in their lives. This is the church where kids can’t wait to come back. The place where new parents will be excited to leave their babies because of the ministry of excellence that is evident in every way.

It is the Vision of ministry that meets the needs of the college and career age kids in the community. We realize they are the tomorrow for the world. What they value and look to as their source for guidance will determine what kind of choices they make for our future. We create the environment that shows great value in living for Jesus and looking to Him to give them answers to life’s questions. These are the next business owners, politicians, teachers, military, and even perhaps the President of the United States. This is an awesome responsibility that is set before the church, but it is the church that has risen to meet this much-needed challenge.

It is the Vision of a place where praise and worship has a huge part in taking people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. This church knows that the minister of music is just as important as the teacher or preacher of the Word. A place where music will be relevant to where people are at in their lives today. This ministry team will develop and write a lot of original music relevant to people personally. This is the intimate time in our services to draw closer to HIM.

It is the Vision of developing people to know who they are in Christ. Equipping them to be able to take a stand firmly in their faith and show the world that there is victory in living for Jesus. This is accomplished through practical bible teaching, drama/arts, small groups, seminars, and retreats. Small groups are the heartbeat of Destiny Fellowship. We will continually grow larger and smaller at the same time.

It is the Vision of a place where people will meet the destiny they were created for in ministry. Where they will be encouraged to develop and follow that destiny with purpose. A place where we will establish daughter churches that will be pastored by people who have been saved, discipled, and prepared through this ministry. This is one of the venues that God will use to bring literally hundreds of thousands to know Jesus in a very personal way!

It is the Vision of welcoming 5,000 members into the Destiny Family. Seeing a church grow in a place that people have doubted for years that it could ever take place. This is a church that dares to look through the eyes of God and see things in a big way like He does. A place that through eyes of faith we can accomplish anything for His Kingdom that we can dare to dream. What is it that you see needs to happen for His Kingdom?

It is the Vision of having 25 acres of land to build a church facility to meet the needs of this vision. To build the Vision Center for youth in our community. A place kids can call theirs. To have the garden of peace for people to come and enjoy a little bit of heaven while on earth. The fountain springing up in the center representing that continuous life giving water that is flowing for us. There will be a training center for the young and the older alike, knowing we are all ministers for His Kingdom. This will prepare us for the awesome journey He has set before us. A place that I believe God will be pleased with us as we begin to see as He sees and build on the measure that God builds. Remember, He got a vision and created a world and then created you and I to have dominion over it. This Vision will come to pass because it is the expression of what God’s heartbeat is for this world today.

“So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55: 11)