Missions is our heart…and it is God’s heart! Here at Destiny we firmly believe that everyone can be a world-wide influence through the area of missions. From short-term mission trips to planting churches on the other side of the planet we believe every family can reach the world! There are several organizations nationally and internationally that we support. Here is a brief list:


Surge Logo

Surge is a world-wide church planting organization that is reaching the far ends of the globe. They were birthed out of Bethany Church over 10 years ago. Since then, they have planted over 20,000 churches on every continent in the world. They now have their sights on 100,000 churches by 2015!


PAZ Logo


Project Amazon is a missions organization located in the Jungles of the Amazon. They reach the villages of the Amazon Jungle, many of which are not accounted for and never heard from society at all, let alone the Gospel of Jesus.



Teen Mania Logo


For 25 years, Teen Mania has provoked a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ, “…and take his life giving message to the endsĀ of the earth.”