Journey with Destiny

"“Journey with Destiny” is the discipleship track here at Destiny Church. We call it a journey because that’s what it is. A journey isn’t accomplished over night nor with just a few classes. Discipleship takes time to make application of the Word of God to your life so that you mature and grow in your faith. Our growth track is made of 3 steps that we call “Squares”.

“Square One” is just an introduction to Destiny Church. This is where everyone begins, learning the DNA of Destiny. We want people to get to know who we are at our roots. We cover the 5 W’s of Destiny: who, what, why, when, and where. This is the opportunity for people to make a solid decision that Destiny is where God wants to plant them.

Square Two represents our “Encounter Weekends”. Every year we do 4 encounter weekends. Encounters are homogeneous meaning all-men or all-women. This provides a safe atmosphere so that people can encounter God on a personal level.

Square Three is our “Rooted and Grounded” discipleship class. This class is 15 weeks in length and is aimed at challenging you. You will sit through great teaching on foundational principles from faith to spiritual warfare to family life. We know that a class can only do so much, but this gives you good solid roots in the Word of God to begin walking with Christ. We aim at providing teaching on important areas to better equip a personal to begin standing there ground and defeating sin in their life. We have many people that go more than once through this so that they don’t miss anything.