Prayer Wall


Prayer Wall

  • Family Member

    Please stand with me for my cousin Kevin to get back to his relationship with Jesus! He has been away from the Lord for many years.
    Also, his wife, Karyn, has been diagnosed with cancer. It is all over her body. She needs a supernatural intervention to get thru this storm in their life.
    Thank u for declaring faith over them n Jesus name!

  • Aunt Mary

    My Aunt Mary, who is 70 or so, fell & broke her leg & arm. She will have to go thru rehab for quite awhile before she can go back home to take care of herself. Her husband past not long ago so she lives by herself.
    Please keep her lifted up. She is so discouraged!

  • A new start

    Please pray we can come home! It's just me and my kids now and we need God to get us back home. Things have not gone well and my husband has decided to end the marriage. I pray for God to get us through that as well. Ive filled out an app for assistance and I ask that you all stand in agreement with me. Thank you all so much!

  • My dad

    I'm asking for an unspoken prayer for my Dad! Thanks!

  • My Church Family

    Please pray for continuing strength, peace and wisdom. My Lord has never let me down so I have no doubt HE will this time. I just want you all to know it is easier knowing you all are standing with me.
    Thank you my forever family!!

  • Brother and his family

    Please pray for my brother and his family. He is filling for emergency custody of his kids. His ex wife is very unstable. She owns a pistol and has treated to kill herself several times. The situation is serious and drastic measures are having to be taken. Please stand with me for restored peace over this family and deliverance from the spirit of suicide.

  • Missing person

    Please pray for Jennifer Whinery she has been reported missing since Saturday. She is not in a good place. We know the Lord can restore and deliver so I am asking that you intercede for her and ask God for her safe return to her family

  • me and my family

    i just wanted to stop in and ask everyone to pray for us we are doing ok lifes still hard but we are starting fresh and on the right track me and destinee are expecting anothe child not sure what it is yet but will announce once we find out i just want to thank destiny and all of the staff for reaching into my life and making change especially want to thank pastor for useing God to make an radical impact on my life as soon as we find a ride to haul all these youngins to church we will be back and in a huge way we love each and every one of you and thank those who pray for us as we will be praying for you to we hope to see yall soon and pray we get a vehicle big enough in Jesus name that we can reunite in the church family and help make change in the family

  • Prayers for Heather

    Heather Michaelson
    Was in a car accident and is in Garden Parks ER
    She is pretty badly banged up. Broke foot hair line fracture in other foot and a busted lip and bruised up. Waiting on Dr now to stitch her lip

  • Pastoral Staff

    Please pray Arionna Mattson. She is 7 yrs old. Severe 3rd degree burns.

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