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Prayer Wall

  • A powerful testimony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hello Saints my name is Earl Nutt and the Holy Spirit has instructed me to share my testimony with the body of Christ. Here's my story. Back in 1996 I was diagnosed with an illness and the doctor said that I would probably die within 8 years. Well Its 2018 and I'm still here and well praise God. Also in 208 I was in a serious car accident and I died, I left my body and I stayed in a coma for 2 months. But that's not all in Dec 2017 I was critically ill and was admitted to a hospice unit inside of Sinai Hospital in Baltimore Md. Well guess I was dis charged from hospice in les than 2 weeks. WHO LEAVES A HOSPICE SAINTS????? Very few at best. I know I have a great calling on my life and that's the reason I'm still alive today. Thank you all and God Bless you. Oh feel free to respond to my meassage

  • Greg Becker requesting prayer covering

    Getting some physical challenges checked out, and welcome your prayers! MRI and MRA scheduled Friday Feb. 23 of head and brain, to rule out possible brain aneurism. MRI scheduled Mon. Feb. 26 of right arm due to pain and discomfort in shoulder/rotator cuff. I know that God works all things for my good, so I am not concerned. Just seeking better understanding of what I am praying over. Thank you for your petitions to our father in heaven, over my circumstances!

  • Prayer for Sis Patti

    We are believing God for a supernatural miracle by the time she sees the bone doctor Monday.
    There are x-rays showing a clean break & we are believing when the specialist looks over & re-takes x-rays, the bone will be completely healed, in Jesus name!

  • Healing and peace

    Mr Gerald... He is dealing with cancer... he is a believer.

  • My uncle passed away

    Please pray for my family especially my Grandma. She is 90 and with the death of my uncle this will be the third of nine children that she will have watched die. My dad was with him when he passed. His name is Timmy Bright and he had been battling cancer for the past year. Thanks in advance and know that your prayers are appreciated.

  • Ms Edna Jones

    Ms Jones was taken to hospital in Mobile Friday. She is in ICU. Please keep her lifted up for a full recovery. Jesus is our healer!

  • My Cousins Wife

    This is an update on the lady, Karyn, we have been praying for. This is Pastor Chris' cousins wife.
    I wanted to give an update on Karyn after our latest trip to Atlanta. Karyn completed her 5 rounds of radiation to her neck vertebrae (C2 & T3) Tuesday, we had a follow up appointment with her radiologist oncologist and he had some good news and some not so good news. Good news – They performed some testing and confirmed that the spots on her lower left cranium and her brain both came back as benign/non-cancerous so that was great news to hear. Not so good news – They performed another test on her right femur and those tests came back that the cancer is in both her marrow and bone and they are concerned that if not treated right away that the chance of fracturing her femur is high which would not be a good thing at all, so they have pushed her chemo out and will start with 8 rounds of radiation to her femur before the chemo. So we will be heading back to Atlanta on the 2nd and start the radiation on the 3rd and once complete she will have her 2nd round of chemo on the 15th and if she feels well travel back home on the 16th. If nothing else arises then she’ll just have 4 rounds of chemo left finishing in May and then they’ll do re-imaging and testing to see how the chemo and the cancer are reacting with each other and then make a plan from there. Thankfully so far Karyn’s side effects have been very minimal and are hoping and praying it remains that way.

  • School Project

    Please pray that our school,CAMP DAVID GREEN ACADEMY will grow to become an international Christian school and one of the top centres of academic excellence in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    God bless you!

    Nicholas Nganga

  • Blood poison

    Please pray for a man named Marvin he’s in the hospital with several problems not just blood poisoning but his heart stopped a couple times don’t know if he’s been saved when I asked his friend he said he’s a good person

  • Mindy

    Mindy had surgery & is recovering at home now. Please lift her up for a speedy healing & recovery. We give God praise now n Jesus name!

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