Prayer Wall


Prayer Wall

  • me and my family

    i just wanted to stop in and ask everyone to pray for us we are doing ok lifes still hard but we are starting fresh and on the right track me and destinee are expecting anothe child not sure what it is yet but will announce once we find out i just want to thank destiny and all of the staff for reaching into my life and making change especially want to thank pastor for useing God to make an radical impact on my life as soon as we find a ride to haul all these youngins to church we will be back and in a huge way we love each and every one of you and thank those who pray for us as we will be praying for you to we hope to see yall soon and pray we get a vehicle big enough in Jesus name that we can reunite in the church family and help make change in the family

  • Prayers for Heather

    Heather Michaelson
    Was in a car accident and is in Garden Parks ER
    She is pretty badly banged up. Broke foot hair line fracture in other foot and a busted lip and bruised up. Waiting on Dr now to stitch her lip

  • Pastoral Staff

    Please pray Arionna Mattson. She is 7 yrs old. Severe 3rd degree burns.

  • Prayer for my friend Bennett!

    A very good friend of mine (Bennett) has a mass in his brain. He is having surgery this Wednesday Oct. 4th. Please pray for good test results. Keep him and his family I your prayers. Thank you, Diana

  • Oma's Great-Nephew Blake

    Oma's great-nephew Blake attempted suicide and is in the hospital in Oklahoma. Please pray for the family and that he and the family be open to the Lord through this time.

  • Sis Donna Breksa

    Please stand with Bro Don as he lifts up his wife. She is in hospital with a bad report! COPD has caused great stress on her heart. Her Blood sugar was 450 this morning.
    But my God is greater than all the negative reports. Lets connect heaven to this situation, n Jesus name!

  • Stand with me church

    My moms place was worse than I could imagine but I am working on getting things done for her best interest. Praying for wisdom and peace Church family.

  • Calling all prayer warriors

    I am driving up to New York to take care of my mom she's not doing well I may be up there for a few weeks till my sister gets up there so we decide what we can do with her.
    Praying for peace of mind and wisdom
    Thank you all


    Please continue prayer for all the recovery efforts in Texas!
    Pray as you would want them to pray for you. We need each other!
    God bless you!

  • Jail minister

    Please pray for healing in my left shoulder.

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