Life Groups

Life Groups are our heart here at Destiny. At Destiny we strive to keep things on a personal level with everyone who attends. We want to get to know you and see where we can be of service to your family, whether that is kids, teens, or adults.  We believe as a church we will grow bigger by growing smaller and life groups is how that will happen.

Life groups are a place of trust, growth, and love. In a life group you will develop great relationships that will last you a life time and will help you to grow and mature in the things of God. Life groups meet during the week and typically only last 60 to 90 minutes. Life groups are discussion based, not like your typical Bible study, it gives you the opportunity to discuss your beliefs, your opinions, as well as your feelings.

We have 3 types of life groups here: women’s, men’s, and couples. Most of our life groups are homogeneous in nature, meaning men with men and women with women, but we do have couple’s life groups as well that minister to marriages and families.